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Think Science Enrichment Centre

ThinkScience is an Enrichment Centre, offering Science enrichment programs in Singapore. ThinkScience classes are specially designed in the most clear and inspired way to nurture your child's interest in Science, to ultimately excel in Science. With inspiration, success will be attainable.

ThinkScience has dedicated Science Tutors who are passionate and professional in teaching Science. Together, they aim to cultivate the interest in Science in your child. To find out more about their Science Tuition, Click Here.

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Force, Work and Energy for Children

You will learn about "Force, Work and Energy" in this video.

Force is the push or pull applied on an object. 
It can move a stationary object or 
stop a moving object. Force can also change the 
speed and direction of a moving object. 
If enough force is applied, it can also 
change the shape or size of an object. 

When force is applied on an object, resulting in 

the movement of that object, work is said to
be done. Work can be calculated using the formula, 
Work done = Force x Distance.

The ability or the capacity to do work is called energy.
The food that we eat gives us energy to do various activities.

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Physics & Chemistry Tuition by SCIENCE PUNDIT - Mr Tsay Yien

Are you intimidated by Physics or Chemistry?  
Fret no more!

Join tuition classes with Science Pundit and you will realise that not only can Physics and Chemistry be a cinch, but also Fun and Interesting too!

I am Mr. Y. Tsay and I have a Master of Science Degree in Physics, a Bachelor of Science Degree double major in Physics (Honors Program) and Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science. My teaching method encompasses using a highly interactive and critical thinking approach by posing questions, to lead students in finding out the answers by themselves. With the implementation of this method, students can discover the answer as well as intrinsically build strong conceptual foundation. Furthermore, they are able to develop a strong problem-solving skill set in the science materials that they have studied and will be able to answer different types of questions in examinations.  

I am able to enforce and make a connection between physics and chemistry which allows students to see the link between the two subjects. By utilising this strategy, students can better appreciate and understand both physics and chemistry; akin to helping them reinforce their learning for both subjects. (Metaphor: Killing Two Birds with One Stone!)

“ I loved Mr Tsay’s lessons. He is patient, and would always try to explain everything in detail. Under his tutoring, I am able to score an A1 in my ‘O’ levels, when I scored only C5 for my Physics and Chemistry in Sec 3. He is an amazing and patient teacher. “ - Han Shen

“ Mr Tsay is a great tutor. He is able to explain very clearly and willing to spend extra time and effort to help me. With the help of him, I am able to achieve phenomenon result, from F9 to A1, for both Physics and Chemistry. This year, he is still my tutor, I am confidence to achieve Distinctions for my ‘O’ level.” – Yu Heng  

For Enquiries, Call him at 9857-63-64 (Mr Tsay Yien)

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The Nucleus: Crash Course Chemistry #1

Hank does his best to convince us that chemistry is not torture, but is instead the amazing and beautiful science of stuff. Chemistry can tell us how three tiny particles - the proton, neutron and electron - come together in trillions of combinations to form ... everything. In this inaugural episode of Crash Course Chemistry, we start out with one of the biggest ideas in chemistry ever - stuff is made from atoms. More specifically, we learn about the properties of the nucleus and why they are important to defining what an atom actually is.

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The Leading Science Tuition Agency in Singapore!

Since 2008, their tuition centres have propelled many students to Enjoy and Excel in Science in Primary 1 to 6, PSLE, Secondary 1 to 4, O Levels (Physics & Chemistry), and even Olympiads.

Many students who used to constantly get D and F grades are able to achieve A's after joining them!  

What do their students have to say about them? See their Testimonials.

They specialise in Science Tuition, covering Primary 1 to Primary 6 (PSLE), Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary ('O' Level Physics & Chemistry), and even Physics Olympiad Training.  

Find out more about their teachers for Science Tuition, English Tuition, and Maths Tuition. 

Their tuition classes are taught by experienced tutorswho are mostly scholars from top universities & junior colleges, e.g. Stanford University, National University of Singapore (NUS), and Raffles Junior College (RJC). 

They also have tutors who focus on the challenged, and olympiad medalists providing Olympiad training.

Find out more about Their Teachers.
Their tuition centres provide tuition classes in small groups of 2 to 6 students each. By keeping the classes small, our tutors are able to use the most optimal teaching approach and pace for effective learning.

Find out the benefits of Small Group Tuition.

Their Classic Tuition Classes help students excel in their everyday schoolwork, while Exam Booster Classes help students prepare for their semester and yearly exams in the closing weeks. 
Get to know their tuition centre's Values, Vision & Mission, find out more About Us.

They are not just any tuition centre! They are a social enterprise offering tuition, olympiad training, university/career advisory and mentorship programs. From these programs, they support talent development.

Some of their past events include Career Sharing, Scholar Forums, Internships, Professional Networking Sessions, and more.

Find out more about some of their past events in our News.

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Digestive System Diagram for Kids & Digestion Facts!

Learn about digestion with a detailed digestive system diagram for kids and facts about the digestive system.

What is the digestive system?

The digestive system is a group of organs in our body that work together to break down large indigestible food that we eat into smaller digestible nutrients that our body can absorb.

The food that is broken down into nutrients provide energy that our body uses for activities such as walking, running, and doing things. It also provides energy for our organs to work and for our cells to repair themselves. Additionally, the energy from food also helps maintain the body's temperature at 37 degrees celsius. 

>>> Click Here to Grab a Digestive system diagram for kids (with description).

>>> Click Here to Grab Simple printable digestive system diagram for kids.
Where does digestion take place? Click Here to find out.

Video of the digestive system for kids ...

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Primary Science Tuition - True Learning Centre

Primary Science
True Learning Centre offers a 4-year Primary Science tuition programme for their students. Building on the regular MOE syllabus, they adopt a thematic and differentiated learning approach in designing our Primary Science curriculum with the aim to create an enriched learning experience for each TLC student. Not only does their Primary Science programme stretch those are gifted and talented, it also engages those with weak fundamental knowledge and skills through a variety of teaching strategies.

The Tutors and their Teaching Approaches
Our Primary Science programme is developed by Mrs Nora Teo. With a wealth of teaching experience behind them, our team of dedicated ex-MOE Science teachers adopt a repertoire of teaching strategies to facilitate learning in a variety of ways for the development of conceptual understanding and skills proficiencies. These include direct instruction, guided discovery, investigative approach, open approach, problem-based learning and so on. The selection of strategies depends greatly on the content to be taught and the abilities, needs and interests of students.

Their Resources
At TLC, the use of hands-on science activities and experiments is an integral part of their Primary Science programme. It allows students to learn science in practical and meaningful contexts. Besides, their students are equipped with mind mapping skills to help them to recap and understand the key concepts better. Discussion questions are used to provide cognitive challenge for students. These include higher-order questions and open questions to help students focus on key concepts, deepen their understanding, make connections, and apply scientific ideas and skills in different contexts. A variety of resources, including PSLE and past years school examination papers, are also used to expose students to a variety of challenging problems and answering techniques.

First-Choice Tuition Centre
True Learning Centre has distinguished itself from other tuition centres as one of the leading Primary Science tuition centres in Singapore. With a distinctive curriculum written by a MOE Principal Master Teacher and taught by experienced MOE teachers, they have earned the trust of many parents and students, and have a reputation for helping students to succeed in their studies.
For more information about their Primary Science tuition programme, Click Here.
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